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Monday, October 25, 2004

Autumn Walk...reflections from Monday

Hi guys-
Listen, family, you can leave comments on this if you want to. We'd like to hear from you. It's nearly 9p.m. now, I'm playing with importing photos onto the computer (I'm still learning how it all works!). Pete is across the drive at a leader's meeting and I'm burning off the coffee in my body...hoping not to be up all night! :) I hope as you read this that you've had a good day.
Today has been pretty good. I have the week off from college (or "uni"), which I'm enjoying. I can't believe it's almost November. As I look at my calendar it all seems like one big blur of activity and deadlines between now and my flight home for Christmas. Unbelievable how quickly a month can pass!
Something I'm working on in my course at UWE...we have to keep a logbook, it's a sort of journal in which we reflect on aspects of social work, some of the challenges that face a social worker. That's been my main activity today. Sometimes I almost find it more challenging to write in a personal style (like in the logbook)...it's difficult not to get really emotional in answering some of the questions which we're supposed to address. The one I find particularly tough is a question of "what are some of the reasons you've chosen to go into social work?" Wow! Hard to be concise and narrow it down to just a few things. It feels a bit like someone is asking me to write in 400 words what the goal of my life is.
So other than studying, one of the highlights of my day was having lunch with Pete (seeing eachother at lunch is one of the perks of his office being a 10 second walk from our home). And the photo which corresponds is from a lunchtime walk we took. As you can see, some of the leaves are turning...but they seem to be about 50/50 right now. Last night the wind was howling, we definitely lost quite a bit of colour in that wind. But I'm hoping to still get the last half of the trees as they turn.
Last Saturday night Andy was over for dinner and a night of playing the game "Killer Bunnies" along with friends of our Jesse and Julianne. It's so fun to have him here. For those of you who are wondering how he's doing...he seems to be doing really well. Everytime I see him he is in the midst of a 'pack' of friends. He's definitely making friends quickly. Sunday night we have a meeting called "Aardvark" which is a gathering of people between the ages of 17 and 25 from the church and from the colleges. Andy, Pete and I were all there and one of the activities involved splitting into four groups in which each group had to make up a skit and act it out in front of the rest of the group. Pete, Andy and I each ended up in different groups and there was some intense competition going on for the best skit (the prize at stake was a bag of chocolates...and respect of course). I have to say, Andy's group was hilarious. Their skit involved Andy acting as the host of t.v. show entitled, "The Andy Pollasch late, late, late...so late night, it's early morning show"...in which he all kinds of strange escapades unfolded. But he was a great host. :) Unfortunately for both Andy and I, Pete's group won the skit competition, probably mainly due to Pete's performance as an Armidillo (I'm sure he'd be happy to repeat his role for you some time).
Goodness, I've just realized how LONG this post is...so I'll end here. But just wanted to take the opportunity to write and say hello. I love you all, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Kelly, Greg, Deisel, Chris and SARAH!! We really miss you...as great as it is here...it would be such a treat to just have an afternoon with all of you. I look forward to that!

Autumn Walk

You don't see this very often... A seven die stack. By Pete.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

M68 Lunch

Andy at the M68 Lunch

Honeymoon Photo

This is my favourite photo from our honeymoon in Whales. :) In this photo Pete and I were walking along the Pembrookshire Coastal Path. It was VERY windy/misty/cold and we were the only ones out. Then, coming up the path behind us we saw a couple walking, completely decked out in "gortex-like" clothing...very funny contrast to Pete and I who had on normal clothes like jeans, fleeces and wellington boots. The gortex couple passed us by with a disdainful look and soon after we headed into the town of Cardigan for a hot lunch.

Rainy/sunny/rainy... afternoon

Hey guys, Lindsay here, making my first ever post. So far Pete has had all of the fun on this website. :) It is a rainy afternoon (off and on) and I'm currently procrastinating on doing the dishes! Last night Pete and I watched the film "Fahrenheit 9/11" for the first time. Very thought provoking. I have to say that I am greatful for all of the criticism that I had heard about this film...that made me feel I could watch it without taking it as undisputed fact. Still, if you haven't seen the film, it could be worth the money to rent it.

The good/bad news is that I have started to feel inklings of home-sickness. I still feel very good about our decision to live here, but I've started to feel some of the "reality" of that decision. I think more than anything, being in a foreign country has shown me how independent I was in the USA. It's strange to think about going out on my own and hitting a mental wall - a reminder that, "oh wait, I don't know how to get there." or "I don't feel comfortable driving in that part of the city yet", or even "I have no idea where I would go for that item", etc. Maybe that doesn't seem like a big deal...it's just what has been on my mind in the past week or two. This feeling of tedious "relearning". I have to say though, despite moments of frustration, that I enjoy getting this opportunity to observe what it's like to step into the unfamiliar.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Earth from the Air

A Saturday or so ago, we went to the 'Earth from the Air' exhibition in Bristol. It consisted of over 100 enlarged photos of places all around the world, taken from the air. It was outside, and it was great fun to walk around looking at the pictures and read the stories behind the photos. If you click on the title of this post, it will take you to the photographer's website, where you can see some of his pictures.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Untidy Spider

Most recent picture on our camera: The spider whose web blocked the path to the bins.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

First Post

We thought this would be a good way to share our experiences with people, and keep everyone up to date - especially those of you who live 'over the pond'. Feel free to click on the 'comments' link below each post and leave your thoughts for all to read!


Pete and Linz