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Saturday, November 27, 2004

View over the River Severn (taken by Pete thankyouverymuch)

Done and Dusted

Well, I (Pete) finished my essays today, which is great. My academic term is now all but over (meaning I have no work left). Now, I can look forward to Christmas. Ahhhh.... America. Land of wide roads and big billboards. I can't wait. Lindsay talks about Michael's frozen custard every 5 seconds. Somewhat obsessive, I feel.

Just to give you a taste our exciting, lively social life - tonight Lindsay will be cutting my hair. Yes, 3 months has given me a bit of a shaggy look (Linz nods in agreement). Unfortunately I am not allowed to cut her hair - the deal does not go both ways. A shame, as my talents in hair dressing are soon to be discovered, and will one day be world renowned.

It's starting to get cold here, though the weather icon on our computer tells us it is always 50 F, day and night. It's all psychological I tell you. We watched Big Fish last night - I was struck by the similarities between the film and my own life, especially the part where the car gets stuck in the top of the tree. We plan to visit the cinema at least twice a day when we come back to the States, so when we return to this little quaint country we can gloat to our 'friends' about all the films they won't see for 12 years.

So that's life right now. We'll be seeing you all soon!

Pete (definitely not Linz)

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Lindsay in her wellies! This was taken at Blaise Castle on a very wet, windy and cold November walk.