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Friday, September 30, 2005

Oh the SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!! (aka Confessions)

I am very very very sorry...I am a bad friend, a TERRIBLE pen pal...I don't even deserve to have an email address. much less a phone number.

has been soooo long since i have have updated our blog that i couldn't even remember the address or how to go about accessing this strange phenomenon called a 'blog'. am constantly being pestered by various friends about my absolute 'PANTS-ness' (i won't translate, but that's not good) at keeping a blog.

i think i just get overwhelmed at the thought of sharing myself with potentially so many people. even people i don't KNOW...eww, if you are reading this and you don't know me...go now, go. no, jk. stay, have a chat.

where to begin...


i was inspired to write this long awaited post because i received an email from my favourite big brother. asking loads of questions about my life and telling me all about his. awesome. reading that left this big ache in my heart...so i went to his blog (which i had forgotten about!). and in the links of Chris's blog i saw EJ's blog listed (which i didn't know existed either!)...so i went there. and read/skimmed EJ's recent postings and thought, 'right, i need to pull myself together and make an EFFORT to communicate with the world again.' so, thanks to both of you...my inspiration for this evening.

My Day

it's been alright...i worked at Monsoon (women's clothing store, tres chique) this morning from 7 (stinkin) a.m. until 11. (yes, it is painful to be awake that early) and then had coffee with a friend of a friend visiting bristol from switzerland...very nice. and then i read some of the paper (called The Independent...which am slightly amused by because that was the name of my high school news paper) over lunch. and then, the heaven's rejoiced with me as i crawled into bed at 2:45p.m. to give my eyes a wee rest. they decided to rest for over three hours. glorious. finally woken by pete who was probably wondering if i was still alive.

so, finally feel a bit more rested. which is good, because i have discovered (as i AGE) that i am a person who values my sleep.

but, now it's the evening, and pete is away (baptising young people no less) and i have stayed behind to clean the church office (which i do once a week) but strangely enough, have not actually managed to leave the computer.

and anyway, i need to stay home and finish my FABULOUS post!

Recent Mishaps

recently i came home from a trip to norway (i've been to NORWAY!) and spent about a week in total confusion (in my sleep). i'll explain: while in norway (on a trip with my university) i stayed in an apartment with 3 other students. i shared a room with a guy called simon. well...i think i must have been slightly anxious during that trip, afraid i would do something embarrassing in my sleep, etc. because my first week back with pete and in our home, i kept getting completely confused in my sleep...for instance, woke up my first night back needing to use the toilet. pete hadn't gone to sleep yet and was working away on his laptop next to me. EVEN though it LOOKED like our bedroom, even though it looked like our bed, even though he looked like pete, in my sleepy state i lay there CONVINCED that i was still in norway and that that was simon, not pete. i lifted the covers slightly (saw that i was only wearing undies and a tank top) and thought 'oh no! where did my pj's go? how did that happen? how am i going to get up to use the toilet, simon's going to see me!' lay there saying some of these comments outloud and pete continued to type away glancing at me out of the corner of his eye...took me a good five minutes to think through the situation and realize that i was actually home.

that happened (in various forms) almost every night that first week back. i got up and CHANGED my clothes 3 or 4 times in the middle of the night that week. completely convinced everytime that i was still in norway.

how strange.


was in norway for 10 trip with uni. we (4 students and 1 lecturer) went to participate in an international student social work conference to discuss 'service user involvement'. was pretty good. norway is beyond gorgeous! would love to go back and explore further, it's such a big country and it seems very unspoilt. the conference was interesting enough and meeting/hanging out with the other 15 students from norway, italy, and hungary was awesome. they were hilarious.

This photo was taken at the top of one of the mountains surrounding Bergen, Norway. i would really like to go back up into the mountains with pete and some friends and go camping up there...away from everything. you are allowed to pitch a tent anywhere in norway (as long as it's a certain distance from any buildings).