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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Checking In

Time is 9:40p.m.

I have written 636 words on the 'Lisa' case study.

Has gone ok...I would emphasize the 'rough' in rough draft.

Next Up? One hour drafting response to the next case study. This one is about 'Elsa', a 76 year old woman with dementia, recently suffered a stroke and is in hospital...she is about to be released from hospital, returning to her home where her husband will care for her. So this one is all about assessing her needs (the stroke has left her wheelchair bound and with limited speech) and the needs of her husband. Researching this one has been so interesting, in part because what is set out in law & policy is all a big mess and the truth is that there's not much money put into caring for the elderly in the UK.

One thing that has really struck me: one chapter I was reading yesterday talked about the fact that professionals/society need to remember that older people are not a separate entity from the rest of human life/experience. Basically, it was saying that a person doesn't stop being who they always were when they get older, despite the changes they may experience physically (such as Elsa's stroke) or mentally/psychologically (her confusion and dementia), she's still a person defined by the collection of her life experiences, her dreams, her likes, dislikes.

Sometimes the things I read in these academic articles are so full of common sense, it makes me wonder at the world we live in; a world where someone has to theorize and do research to state what should be obvious to everyone.

It is now 9:53p.m. Reeeeaaaaadddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyy.............



  • Hello Sweetie!!
    I am being very bad and I am not doing my paper. It's due tomorrow but I would rather say Hi to you. Hope all is going well. I am busy and Jamie is away for a little while. Then he will be gone for a month an a half. Graduation will be May 28th!!!
    Hope your papers went well and you have been able to relax a tad bit. Your assignments sound very interesting. We should talk about our sociology classes. Miss you very much. I will give you a call soon. Smooches!!

    By Blogger Kris, at 10:58 pm  

  • Weeder,

    Where are you two?! Although, I might ask where I have been as I have not been reading your blog lately enough to realize what I do now: you haven't posted for like a month!

    Such travesty. How do we expect the world to continue without our updates?

    Seriously, though, I would love to just see a note from either and/or both of you on something from your lives/minds/hearts.

    I love you both.

    p.s. and I have just seemingly joined a club of those who have papers to write but are commenting on loved ones blogs! cool.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:01 am  

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