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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Two posts in One night...she must be procrastinating...

Yes I am!

But, you are all benefiting from my procrastination, so I expect only support and gratefulness.

Just wanted to say (quickly), that I have stayed home from my cell group (with church) in order to work on a 4,000 word essay which is due Monday. It's worth 50% of my grade for this module (that's big).

It's alright, but, as I am alone (and those who know me well know that that's never a good thing) and am SUPPOSED to be doing something relatively productive, I am going to give you ongoing updates on the status of my essay-writing-progress.


It is 8:40p.m. - In the past hour I have: gone onto my university's (UWE) library website and tried to navigate my way through it, searching for online journal articles. Realized I was in trouble when I couldn't actually remember my password or user I.D. - this is due to the fact that I haven't used the library website in over a year! :) ah, yes...quality work. Finally, after many Failed attempts at obtaining my password and finding search methods that work...found three really good journal articles on working with people who have dementia and even some communication methods to use with stroke survivors (I particularly like this one because there are lots of pictures). No, all in all, very good sources.

Now 8:46p.m. - Goal for the next hour is to write a first draft of my answers to the first of three case studies we've been given. In case your interested, the case study is about a 13 year old named 'Lisa'...she's suddenly been playing truant from school, is distracted, is producing messy/incomplete work and is not willing to talk about it with anyone. Also, she has some nasty scratches on her arms. It's my job to do a little detective work, know which parts of the law I will be working under and all in all, save the day. I have done a good deal of the research for this case study already, so hopefully the ideas will flow like honey.

Check in with ya peeps lata.



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